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Dr. Sakena Yacoobi speaking on how she stopped the Taliban from shutting down her school


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James Coll Sebes: Thoughts on Privilege: 

But here’s the deal and another way to see it; it seems odd to have these two sets of issues on the same level in your personal life and you may be like “oh man I’m worrying about petty stuff when there’s these huge issues” but in reality those petty things are your life and your day to day and the fact that they’re on the same level as these huge world issues means you care about the world issues as much as you do your own well-being. You’ve put your well-being and others’ well-being on the same level of personal importance and that’s actually great. Many people don’t have the privilege to do that bc they struggle in day to day and have to put themselves first above others. Some people have the privilege to put others higher on the priority list and choose not to. You’ve recognized the privilege you have to not have to put yourself first and have brought others well-being up to the same level as your own. Something to be said for that


And best not to drown yourself in whatifs about how much more you could do bc there will always be more and you’ll drive yourself insane. Ya do what you can based on how much freedom you have to not prioritize yourself; sometimes it’s a lot, sometimes ya got no freedom that day. You can’t sweat it and shouldn’t bc you know you have the privilege to even it out in other peoples’ favor in the long run.